Smaller payments for your customers, bigger business for you.

Only cashew allow shoppers to choose between creating a new credit line instantly or using existing debit or credit cards.

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Offer your customers flexibility to pay over time and grow your business as a result.

We take buy-now-pay-later further, at cashew we want to give shoppers the freedom to choose to pay in the most convenient way for them. The best part is that you get paid upfront

No paper work, all digital

Customers select cashew at checkout and fill out a short form to get an instant approval decision.

No interest, up to 20+ higher AOV

We pay your business the full amount upfront for every purchase while customers pay for it over installments.

Highest approval rating

We connect directly with governmental institutions and we perform instant credit checks which grantees instant approval.

Integration doesn’t get more seamless

We have built a simple API and plugins with major e-commerce and POS platforms. So whether your business operates in-store, online or both, we help you integrate with industry leaders

We integrate with your website

Offer shoppers a one-click checkout experience as soon as they find something they love.

We integrate with your APP

We offer all our integrations under a single library for iOS and Android. This way, you only need to add a single artifact to your app to use any of cashew’s offerings.

Faster Integrations

As with 3D Secure, we open most resources in an in-app browser or a fullscreen overlay. This insures that your customer doesn’t ever have to leave your app.

Ready made SDK

With cashew’s In-App SDK, you can provide your customers the smoothest checkout experience in your app, regardless of how it’s built.

Your customers will love us

Now is the time to empower your customers to purchase the things they want from you today. Are you ready?

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Now is a great time to help your customers split their purchases.
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