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The gift of giving

It's never been so easy to make a difference

We know it’s not easy sifting through charities and causes, so we hope we can do our part to provide an easy solution for you to make donations in the UAE.

In just a few taps, donate to a charity and cause of your choice.

Make a donation

Make a donation

Select from an extensive list of charities and causes to donate to and make a donation fast and easy.

Donations on Autopilot

Donations on Autopilot

You’ll soon be able to set up a monthly recurring online donation to your selected charity and cause.

Spare change

Spare change

Our spare change feature will round up the cost of your purchases and donate this to charity.

Enter your email
Enter your email

How to make a donation

Cashew app screen about donations


Download our app & head to donations

Download the cashew app and after sign up, tap the donations icon from the app homepage.


Select a charity & cause

Select a charity and cause that you want to donate to, from our extensive list of UAE charity partners. Then, enter the amount you want to donate.


Link a payment method & do good

Link a payment method or choose an existing one. And that’s it! The power to do good at your fingertips.

Our charities partners &

what they do

Got any questions about donations?

Which charities can I donate to with cashew?


The following national charities are currently available through cashew Donations: 

  • Awaqaf (Awaqaf) 
  • BeitAlKhair (Beit Al Khair Society) 
  • ShjIntCharity (Sharjah Charity International) 

Each charity has different causes to which you can give a contribution. Check out their pages for more information. We’re always adding more charities to our app so do subscribe for updates!

How can I donate to a charity through cashew?


You can donate to charities easily and without fees with cashew. Donations can be found on the 'Hub' page on the cashew app (search for the ❤️). 

  • Select the charity that means the most to you. 
  • Once you pick a charity, you choose the cause from the dropdown menu. 
  • Enter the amount you'd like to donate (minimum AED 5). 
  • Select how you would like to pay (Debit or Credit card).

How will my donations be used by charities?


Charities are legally bound to utilize the funds solely to carry out their charitable mission, a description of which can be found on the Charity page.

Are there any additional charges if I donate through cashew?


There are no additional fees or charges for using the cashew app to make donations. We believe in providing a transparent and reliable service to our users, and we are committed to ensuring that all donations go directly to the intended recipients. Thank you for considering cashew for your charitable giving.