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With hundreds of perfumes on the market, it can be pretty overwhelming to find the best fragrance for you; hence, this guide will come in handy when you are planning to buy the perfect perfume. cashew makes things less complicated as they offer great payment plans, allowing you to buy now, pay later.

Find your signature scent with this perfume guide and discover the range of top perfumes and scents that would suit you and your loved ones. To your surprise, you can find the best designer perfumes on a budget at a range of prices!


Perfumes for women


Perfumes are great gifts to give women on any occasion. When looking for the best perfumes for women, whether it's to gift to people or for yourself, take into consideration the notes of the fragrance; light and soft scents are ideal for younger women. Pick from floral and fruity-based ones and also spicy ones. Flowery perfumes are pretty popular and you can find beautiful top-brand perfumes and designer perfumes at Perfume Dubai. Women pride themselves in smelling good, so why not browse through the range of luxury designer perfumes and pick the ones you fancy? While you're at it, pick some high-end perfumes at great prices for your friends too! Women’s perfumes are widely available in a wide range of scents and prices, being accessible to everyone at any budget, and you don't have to worry about paying for them right away, as cashew handles the payment for you. Using cashew to buy now, pay later is quite simple; this guide will take you through the steps!


Perfumes for men


Surround yourself with enticing scents from the collection of men's perfumes at Oud Elite. These long-lasting perfumes will leave you smelling divine all day long. A good scent has the power to make you feel more attractive and confident. Browse through subtle daytime perfumes to sports perfumes and irresistible evening perfumes and occasional fragrances. Change your scents according to the weather, as your natural scents change according to humidity and temperatures. Light summer scents would be great for summer months and stronger scents are perfect as the temperatures drop. Contrary to what the common opinion is, floral scents are also worn by men as much as they are by women, and these scents can easily make for one of the best perfumes for men on any budget. With cashew, you can sort out any payment with flexible payment plans while enjoying your new perfumes today. That’s not it; enjoy free shipping on perfumes over 250 AED when you shop at!


Oud perfumes


Perfumes are an invisible part of you. In fact, quite a powerful part of you. Oriental perfumes have a divine scent and are now trending among both the younger generations and older ones too. Explore the most luxurious oud and musk perfume from Arabian Oud at affordable prices and be sure to feel attractive! Take it further and experience the feeling of smelling irresistible like never before, with these high-end designer perfumes on a budget from Jamar Al Oud. Oud is famously known as ‘black gold’ around the world as its unique and enchanting scents are extraordinary!  Enjoy great collections of buy now, pay later perfumes with cashew partners!


Gift sets


Everyone likes being gifted perfumes! Impress your loved ones with perfume gift sets for birthdays and special occasions, and blow their minds with incredible best-selling perfumes from top brands! cashew Partners, Perfume Dubai and Jamr Al Oud, have beautiful designer perfume gift sets on a budget you could gift to friends on special occasions like weddings or anniversaries! These elegant scents will make memories!

Buy your favorite perfumes and feel luxurious with the beautiful scents. Go further and excite your friends and family with lux perfumes without worrying about payments. Buy now, pay later with cashew and enjoy your favorite fragrances right away.