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Keep on top of your finances


Finding budgeting tools is a good way of keeping track of your finances. Losing track of this can leave you clueless about where your money is going and potentially missing due dates for payments leading to negative credit scores!

Buy now, pay later providers greatly help manage your payment for the items or services you purchase. This is awesome as it gets one thing off your shoulder and you don’t have to worry about it. With cashew installments, you can spread the cost over time and choose to pay in 3, 6, or 12 installments for your purchases. This works wonders if you're on a monthly budget and need to purchase something immediately, getting instant gratification, without having to pay the full amount for the items/ services at the time of purchase. 

Additionally, BNPL enables you to prioritize your budgets and put your money towards more pressing things that may come up, such as emergencies or last-minute urgent payments. In the meantime, you pay off small amounts back to cashew, which is easy on your wallet and makes managing money easier.


Payment flexibility


It is important to first set up your budget and understand your spending habits. Tracking your expenses with a budget calendar would be easier if you know what you are likely to spend. This way, you would be on top of everything. 

What makes managing your budget even easier is having the payment flexibility that BNPL provides. The flexibility to choose the installment is super useful. Pro tip: purchase after your paycheck so you're covered for the next installment in 30 days. This way, you don't go into overdraft and have enough money for other expenses until your next payday! This is good for budget management and tracking monthly expenses as you keep on top of your money and spending. 

Another big plus of BNPL is the fact that it lets you hold on to your money for longer, and this allows you to earn interest, for example, if your money is in a bank that offers interest on your money. 


Use budgeting tools and payment trackers


A great strategy for managing your budget is keeping a monthly tracker or budget planner, noting down all your expenses for the month and putting in any upcoming payments that are due along with the due dates. This also lets you see how much money you can allocate to different expenses and budget for it.

Set alerts and reminders on your phone and calendars to alert you when payments are due. One tool for all your alerts works great, as it would be easier to track and prioritize. 

If your expenses are more than what you would like to budget for, opt for more BNPL services for the higher-priced items/services. cashew offers both online and in-store services for various stores. Hence, you’re not restricted to just online purchases, giving you the flexibility to shop in stores too!


Interest-free payments


Gen Zs aren’t into using credit cards, as managing finances and keeping up with the credit card payments at the end of the month may be too much of a hassle or maybe overseen and drastically reduce their credit score and result in huge interests piling up! 

BNPL is an incredible alternative to using credit cards, it is straightforward and unlike other methods; BNPL is interest-free, you only pay the price of the items and cashew manages the payment for you, which is perfect! All you got to do is set the reminders and alters to ensure you pay your installments. Payments, however, have to be made on time, and therefore keeping track of them is extremely important! 

Get a grip on your budget and manage your money seamlessly. Make use of BNPL to accommodate your budget, and let cashew handle your payments for you!