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  • Enjoy a Spa day
  • Beach day pass, water activities, and pool time
  • Go out and about with adventure-seeking
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In need of the perfect getaway? Whether you’re planning a home away from home vacation, or a staycation in your hometown, it’s important to have fun and make it feel like a true vacation. 

Even though vacations can be quite costly and staycations away from home require another whole budgeting to consider, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself to one - that’s where pay-later travel comes into play. With travel now and pay later options increasingly swirling around, travel anywhere, plan a vacation or a nearby staycation and pay its expenses later in interest-free installments with cashew’s BNPL

In this article, we’ll show you how to plan an enjoyable staycation in the UAE with book now pay later perks powered by cashew.

Enjoy a Spa day


A peaceful retreat could be all you need for filling those sweet escape needs. From massages to aromatherapy, get the self-care dose you need and disconnect to connect. If you’re planning a staycation at home, a pair of cucumber slices and a rejuvenating face mask will do. And if you want to treat yourself to the full relaxation experience, there are plenty of spas that you can book and pay later for with cashew, including one at Sandy Beach hotel. You’ll be in good hands with massage therapists and wellness experts, by the sea in Al Fujairah, and return from your staycation anew. You can also browse our beauty and wellness partners and enjoy the unforgettably soothing spa and beauty offers that you can pay for later with cashew.

Pool and sea with beach day pass


If you didn’t know the perfect balance between your home bathtub and an overseas travel vacation, we have just the right idea for you - a one-day beach day pass to vacation now and pay later. Without having to leave your hometown and cover whole vacation expenses or nonetheless spend your staycation at home, you can have the perfect staycation with a one-day beach pass offered by resorts like the legendary Fujairah’s Sandy Beach Hotel in the UAE. With access to the beach, a palm-spring-like infinity pool and a splash pad the kids will love, your staycation can’t get better. Picture bronzing up while sipping your favorite drinks from the bar immersed in the pool. Experience gorgeous scenic views away from all the heat and crowds with a side of floaties for a pop of color and fun in the water, in addition to the family-friendly attractions including slides, fountains, and Fujairah’s only waterpark. 

And for an added adrenaline rush, explore water activities that will feed every summer splash urge you might have. Soak up the rays while enjoying sea activities that include kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, parasailing, banana boat, fly fish, and bingo rides. 


Out and about with adventure seeking


If you’ve always wanted to venture into the wilderness and explore the city, now’s a perfect time. Enjoy a refreshing walk or pack your hiking gear and go for a hike in the great outdoors exploring the city’s hike trails. Your staycation could be an adventure; setting up a tent, lighting up a fire, and sleeping under the stars.

Mountain climbing is another superb outdoor staycation if you prefer to stay active while learning a new skill. You could also explore the city’s most interesting biking trails with mountain biking and offroading. Bikeera, one of our partners in sports and fitness, provides biking gear from apparel to bicycles and accessories. With cashew, you can purchase all your cycling gear and pay for them later to complete your trip. 

You can experience this adventure and split its cost in interest-free installments with cashew’s partnership with Sandy Beach resort. Learn more about how you can book adventures with Sandy Beach and pay later here.


Many rooms with many pay later options


When you simply won’t settle for a one-day beach and pool pass, check out Sandy Beach dream rooms. Escape the city with a variety of accommodation options that you can choose from according to your budget - or not, since you can always book now and pay later with cashew.  From ocean-view rooms to ocean-view bedroom apartments, Bungalows and Penthouses, treat yourself to the well-deserved luxurious spaces, lush gardens and heavenly views. 

cashew offers book now pay later hotel booking in collaboration with Sandy Beach hotel including book now pay later vacation packages that are not to be missed out on if you’re planning an unforgettable gateway. 

The Bottomline is your relax and unwind travel plans don’t have to be postponed anymore because of budgeting. With facilitators like cashew, enjoy your stay or plan exciting staycation activities and pay for them later.