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Moving into a new home is an amazing opportunity to get new kitchen appliances. Or perhaps you just started a full-time job and need kitchen appliances to help you get more organized and efficient in the kitchen. Sometimes it's just time to upgrade the old kitchen appliances that aren't as efficient anymore to make your life easier in the kitchen! 

It can be tough to decide what appliances to buy particularly if you have a small kitchen area or if you're on a budget. cashew makes this easier for you, as you can shop now, pay later! Appliances come in a range of prices, so you can find numerous great quality choices that won't break the bank! If it makes life easier, it's well worth the investment. We have come up with a list of a few appliances that would be great for you to get started with in your culinary journey!


Small appliances every kitchen must have 


Put the kettle on


A kettle is the best affordable kitchen appliance that everyone needs! It saves you time as it boils water almost instantly as compared to boiling water in a pot! Great for your teas and coffees and even speeds up the boiling process during cooking. It is also more efficient and time-saving as you won't have to spend time cleaning up pots afterward. Cliff has excellent options at great prices with cashew options. It offers different types of kettles in great finishes, like plastic, stainless steel, and glass too! 


Heat your food in seconds using a microwave


When you have last night's dinner leftovers to heat up from the fridge for a quick lunch, it’s quite tedious to transfer it to a pan and heat up on the stove. Microwaves make that a lot easier! Just pop your plate into the microwave and a minute or two later your food would be piping hot to enjoy. Owning a microwave makes your life that much easier! Flitit has a huge range of microwaves, from integrated ones to free-standing microwaves, in various finishes and colors that you can buy now and pay later.


Enjoy the perfect juice with a new juicer


Juices are perfect alternatives to fizzy drinks and sodas. They don't have added sugar and are much healthier and more nutritious. When you crave a cold drink on a hot summer's day, it's best to have a glass of juice. For convenience, making your juice at home is easier than driving around looking for the best juice spots. You don't need a super fancy juicer for this. To begin with, you can find the best juicers at Menakart. Pick the one you prefer based on color, functionality, and price.


You can still enjoy ‘fried food’ using an air fryer!


Lately, there has been a rise in people attempting to be more healthy and eat clean. Deep frying has had quite a reputation, but it’s very difficult to stay away from it, as fried foods are insanely delicious! Air Fryers are an amazing invention that involves ‘frying’ without oil (or a very minimum amount of oil). You could fry your chicken, fries, nuggets, and lots more to enjoy guilt-free tasty meals. Explore the best air fryers with cashew partners. You could further browse through Menakart for additional choices that you can buy now, pay later!


Large appliances every kitchen must have


In addition to these small appliances that you must have in the kitchen, some of the larger appliances are vital for every kitchen.


Whip up a delicious meal on your gas stove


One of the most important and basic appliances is a stove. There are a few types of stoves, like the electric and induction ones, but the gas stoves are much easier to use as you can decrease and increase the heat instantly. Certain foods also taste a lot better cooked on gas stoves. With gas stoves, you can choose different pots and pans to cook with, whereas other types of stoves can only be used with certain types of pots and pans. Check these gas stoves out at Cliff for numerous options!


Enjoy a roast in an incredible oven


A lot of gas stoves come with an attached oven, where the gas stove sits on top of the oven. This is great for saving countertop space with only one unit, as you are likely to get an oven because it is a necessary cooking appliance. The best ovens with a gas stove are available at Sharaf DG. Ovens are incredibly useful for roasting, grilling, and baking! Needless to say, homemade cakes are on a whole different level. Buy your oven now and make delicious and wholesome meals for your family!


Keep your food fresh by storing it in a refrigerator


Having a refrigerator is a no-brainer! Fridges are the best when it comes to preserving food for longer. Many refrigerators come with an attached freezer, which is even better as you can freeze your food and store it for a rainy day! Browse the refrigerator sales and great offers at Sharaf DG. Refrigerators come in different styles, including integrated ones or free-standing ones, refrigerator top freezers, upright freezers, American-style refrigerators, and many more options! You can also select a particular make and color for your new fridge! Get shopping and enjoy your new refrigerator without having to pay now with cashew.


Fed up with washing dishes? A dishwasher can help!


You've had a long day and don't want to be washing the dishes after dinner! Invest in a dishwasher that does the washing for you! Whether you have a large or a small family, dishwashers are the best assistants in the kitchen when it comes to washing up. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Well, find the best dishwashers at Sharaf DG and place your order now, and let it do the washing up for you! Stack your glass crockery, cutlery, and even pots and pans in there, as long as they are all dishwasher safe. There’s no need to pre-rinse them; it does it all for you! Just be sure to scrape any food particles off to avoid your dishwasher getting clogged up. 

It's time to make your life easy and efficient! Upgrade your kitchen appliances now, and worry no more. The exceptional prices and the time you’ll save daily make these appliances worth every penny! Visit our partner shops, place your order, then sit back and enjoy fast delivery without having to pay now. cashew’s buy now and pay later option is fantastic and accessible for one and all. With cashew, you don't need to worry about arranging immediate payment, as you can pay later and enjoy your new appliances now!