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  • The importance of balanced nutrition
  • Eating for your body goals with meal plans
  • Splitting the cost with cashew


The best investment is investing in yourself. Have you been meaning to start eating right to lose weight? Or is your training not paying off because you fall out of a rut when it comes to nutrition and meal planning? Having a busy lifestyle can stop us from achieving our body goals. It’s an undeniably challenging equation to balance both training and nutrition, but remember: nothing is impossible!

Sticking to a strict workout routine is best when done with the right eating habits. Let's dive deep into the importance of eating right, as well as a whole range of customised nutrition plans, diet plans, and healthy meal plan providers in the UAE supported by cashew. Cashew allows you to maintain wellness, health, and nutrition and pay for it later with up to 12 installments so you can put your body first and money last!

The importance of balanced nutrition


Eating a healthy, balanced diet is a vital part of maintaining good health and helping you feel your best. A healthy diet is one that provides your body with all its needs to function correctly; a nutrient-dense food with vitamins and minerals to nurture your body and protect it from ailments and diseases.

Exercising alone without also sticking to a healthy balanced diet is not an efficient strategy in the long run. To achieve your desired result, dietary changes need to be made to effectively work hand in hand with the body efforts you make. That being said, you shouldn’t be discouraged from working out if you don’t have the time or the knowledge to meal prep. Signing up to healthy meal plans in Dubai that you can have delivered to your door can save you a lot of trouble and leave you with more time to follow your exercise schedule.


Eating for your body goals with meal plans

Following a healthy eating diet will make you look, perform and feel better. With different body types and goals for everyone, from an athlete who wants to focus on performance to an older person who wants to live a healthier life, meal plans are curated to help you achieve that goal. 

By following a customized macro-balanced meal plan, you will be eating for your body goals and supporting your training, or simply living a better and healthier life even if you’re not currently exercising. From meal plans for weight loss, maintaining weight meal plans, and keto meal plans in Dubai to weight plans that support mass muscle gain, there are professional and expert nutritionists and meal plan providers in the UAE who provide all of that and more. In addition, you can signup for a daily or monthly plan. Your healthy diet will soon be turning into a healthy lifestyle with habits that you can adopt for years to come.


Splitting the cost with cashew


If your plate is full with gym subscription payments and let alone a whole budget for protein powders, with Cashew, you’ll be able to receive the meal plan ahead and pay for it later. Flexible installments allow you to get healthy meals for weight loss and pay for them at your own pace. With cashew partners in nutrition, fitness and wellness, we brought meal plan delivery in Dubai right to you.  



Bringing healthy monthly meal plans in Dubai and their very own special vegetarian meal plans in Dubai, Fitkult UAE is praised for their food, prompt delivery, and best of all, weight-loss results. 



Fitlab meal plans UAE specializes in offering customized flexible meal plans with detailed macros and calorie labeling and various goal-specific plans in addition to the corporate meal plans and the couple meal plans, plus healthy food delivery in Dubai and all over the UAE.

With healthy meal payment installments with cashew, we hope your fitness goals are much more attainable. If you’re looking to start your fitness journey on a budget or discover flexible gym subscription payments, browse cashew’s shopping partners from gym and fitness studios to complement your nutrition and move at your own pace with both payment and progress.