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People worldwide are leaning into healthier and more sustainable at-home curations of their favorite outdoors and cafe delights- and making a barista-style coffee at home is no exception. 

Not only will you be getting your morning buzz of daily caffeine, but you’ll also be cutting on the add-up Starbucks coffee expenses with equally if not greater tasty choices. Picture a dedicated brew station that’s available 24/7 - rejoice, caffeine junkies!


Affordable coffee machines with interest-free installments


Even though we can all agree that coffee equipment can be quite costly, let alone the coffee bean intake you will need to replenish, yet still after doing the math, it still works better than buying a cup of coffee at your local cafe. You will be making a one-time investment at first and have an amazing coffee every morning! 

You have the option to get your coffee machine and pay for it in installments with cashew’s buy now and pay later services. With interest-free flexible payment plans, the coffee machine is the perfect choice as you get your caffeine fix - mission accomplished!

If you’re wondering how to curate your own coffee corner at home, this guide will help you create an enviable coffee setup for many home-brewed cups to come, on a budget. So say your goodbyes to instant coffee and 3-in-1 sachets and read on. 

How to curate your own coffee station


Step 1: Create the coffee space


Coffee cabinets: If you have an empty space that you don’t know what to do with, this could be a great coffee corner idea that you can fill with a coffee cabinet. Various ready-made coffee cabinets are already displayed for sale, and it’s a great efficient way to use up that space. At the same time, coffee cabinets already have storage, so you never have to worry about clutter if you decide to place it near the dining or living room.

Empty nooks: Small and aesthetic enough, an empty nook will work as a coffee corner if you have no additional space or don’t want a whole cabinet. With renovating the space and following the decoration tips we’ll provide later here, your coffee corner will be all set up. 

Coffee bar/ countertop coffee corner: If all else fails, another place is a spacious kitchen counter or dedicated bar station. Proper shelving units and a mug rack will add decorative and efficient utilities. In addition, the close proximity to the water sink is very practical, and it could be a lot of people’s choice for that reason solely.

Worrying about the cost of installing a whole coffee cabinet unit? Don’t let that stop you! With cashew’s partnership with many home furnishing providers in the UAE, including DesignitchA-to-Z furniture and more, you can get your desired coffee cabinet or even customize it and divide the payment into flexible installments, interest-free. 


Step 2: stock your coffee equipment


Now that you’ve decided on the space, let’s get it sorted. Needless to say, we have to start with the coffee equipment. Below, we’ll gear you up with everything coffee so you can choose which to get according to your preferences.

Espresso machines: Apart from the machine being the coffee station centerpiece, there’s no doubt that if you’re a hardcore espresso/ macchiato lover, this is the one that will give you the same perfect taste you get at a cafe. And even though they’re expensive, many vendors partner with cashew to provide you with the best coffee machines with interest-free installments, so that’s a done deal!

French press: a french press is a nice addition to your coffee corner, it looks aesthetically pleasing and it could be a great option if you’re looking for a more affordable and simple way to make your coffee.

Moka pot: a small coffee pot that works on your stove, it is another nice addition to your coffee corner and it comes in handy. 

Pour-over coffee maker: a slow brewer that works by pouring the boiling water over a filter, another beautiful piece to add to your coffee corner and delivers a great taste.

Milk frother: most espresso machines come with a milk frother, but if you prefer having a stand-alone milk frother for other purposes like mixing flavors with the coffee, it could come in handy. 

Coffee grinder: you’ll need a coffee bean grinder to grind the beans and keep them fresh, but you might exclude that if you prefer ground espresso.

Coffee packs: you’ll need to stock up on coffee packs; get ground coffee or coffee beans according to your preference in texture, taste, and intensity.

It’s optimum to stock up on a combination of the coffee equipment we just mentioned, especially if you want to perk up your coffee corner to perfection or if you’d like to accommodate your guests' and loved ones’ different preferences. With cashew’s buy now and pay later option, we have your coffee station covered from the coffee machine to the beans. Browse our shopping partners including BeanBurdsCliffMenakart, and many more who provide everything from home and coffee equipment to grocery shopping.

Step 3: style your coffee corner

We have some home decor recommendations that will make your coffee station spell “COFFEE”; both literally and figuratively.

Mugs: stock up on a couple of ceramic mugs and organize them on a mug rack or beside the coffee machine.

Printed frames: A “but first, coffee” printed frame will do wonders to your coffee corner by adding character and infusing warmth into the space.

Clear jars: keep a set of clear jars filled with coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee supplements like sugar, cinnamon, cacao, and any other coffee additive you could think of. 

Syrup bottles: fill the coffee shelves with syrup bottles of your choice of flavor, from sweeteners like maple syrup to flavors like hazelnut or caramel, which will decorate the space and get that barista-style flavored coffee we all lust for at cafes.

Cashew partners with various home decor stores to bring you budget-friendly options. Browse cashew’s shopping partners that have your whole coffee station needs covered.

We hope that by now, you’re ready to create a full coffee corner and relish your at-home curated coffee experience, splitting the cost with cashew.