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Are you ready to balance yourself on two wheels? It’s probably time to get into bike riding! It has in fact become quite popular, particularly during the pandemic when a lot of people took up cycling as their form of ‘safe’ physical activity. Many countries have now added bike lanes on the roads, making it safer to ride! Choosing a bike can be difficult, with numerous types and options available on the market. A few guidelines would make things a lot clearer for you to go ahead and buy your new bike. cashew makes it even simpler for you as you can find buy now pay later bikes with bike installment payment plans.

Types of bikes


There are various types of bikes used for different purposes depending on the type of riding you wish to practice, be it riding on the road, off-road terrain, or even stunt riding.


Mountain bike: best for rough terrain

 Mountain bikes, also known as MTB, are quite popular. They offer adventurous rides and are made for rough terrain, as they are powerful and have suitable wheels. The Bicycle Shop has a range of mountain bikes of different brands and styles. These bikes are not very efficient on smooth surfaces; hence they are the perfect choice for off-road riding. Airwerks Cycles offers quality choices of off-road bikes too. Browse through the selection and buy your brand-new mountain bike in installments, and pay later with cashew. 

Mountain bikes have a sturdy frame, suspension system, and multiple gear options for smoother rides. They also have strong safety breaks and thicker tires with extra grip.


Road bike: best for pavement/tarmac


Road bikes can be quite fast on smooth surfaces like roads and tarmac. They are also known as racing bikes, as they are made for speed since their bodies are much lighter than other bikes, and their tires are narrower too. If road biking is something you're into, browse the Basso bikes at Airwerk Cycles for exceptional quality, excellent craftsmanship and functionality. Arrange for your road bike installment payment and buy them now, as road bikes are great for everyday functionality and for commuting from one place to another. When looking for a road bike, keep in mind the weight of the bike; the lighter the bike, the faster the speed.


A feature of road bikes is the ‘dropped handle bars’ as this allows for a streamlined body position while riding to reduce resistance. Buy and start riding your everyday road bike now and let cashew handle the payment for you!



BMX bike: best for performing stunts & tricks



BMX bikes are the choice for jumps, stunts, and tricks. They are durable but also lightweight, allowing you to carry out stunts easily. These bikes also have fat and flat tires enabling top performance, better grip, and shock absorption. They are perfect for showing off your skills! BMX bikes do not have gears, making their maintenance lower than other bikes. The Bicycle Shop has got you covered, and cashew makes it quite easy for you to get your hands on a BMX bike with bike installment plans. Order your bike now without worrying about payment, and choose how you want to split your payment with cashew. 


Hybrid bike: best for general purpose cycling


Hybrid bikes are another popular option for general everyday riding, as it's a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. Its combined features make it the perfect option to ride on any surface, as it's built to withstand off-road and on-road riding.  The body of the bike is made of a light material enabling easy and comfortable riding, while the seat size and positioning also add to the comfort. 

Browse the selection of hybrid bikes online on The Bicycle Shop, and get spoilt for choice with different brands, color, and size at great prices. Worry not, as cashew will handle the payment for you with the installment plans for bicycles offered by our partners.


Essential bike accessories


Bikers can not go without bike accessories as they are essential for safe bike riding. These include bike lights, helmets, seating, and a lot more that give you the ‘pro’ looks and keep you safe. 

Are you ready to get your new bike? Check out The Bicycle Shop and Airwerks Cycles for high-quality products to take your cycling experience to a whole new level. Check out our BNPL shopping partners now and enjoy bikes in installments without advance!