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Buy now, Pay later (BNPL) is a perfect payment method as it allows customers to shop and buy items without paying for them upfront. Whether they are on a budget or prefer paying in installments, BNPL gives them the flexibility of paying for items based on the payment plan they chose. An increasing number of online stores now offer BNPL options which makes online shopping a breeze for customers, further increasing revenue for business owners!


Online shopping is convenient


Online shopping is becoming more attractive to consumers, particularly millennials and Gen Zs. The option to do their online shopping in installments makes it more appealing for them. This positively impacts eCommerce stores by increasing their revenue. The convenience of online shopping is amazing as customers can scroll through the online stores, pick what they want, add it to their shopping basket, and get those items delivered to them without having to pay for them at checkout, as they can BNPL (buy now, Pay later)! This can all be done in the comfort of their home or wherever they may be! What more could they ask for? cashew does just that, in terms of offering installment payment options. 

According to Forbes, a study shows BNPL is increasing rapidly among Gen Z by 600% and more than triple the amount among millennials! Boomers are now also getting on the bandwagon! This shows the future of BNPL is huge and the preferred option to pay for online shopping.


With BNPL consumers buy Items they wouldn't have otherwise bought


With Buy now, Pay later online stores, customers would end up buying stuff they wouldn't have bought had they not been given the option of online installment payments. When customers wouldn't want to pay for an item at the point when they're browsing online stores, they probably would bounce off the page, but not with cashew, as they're given the option to pay later as they will, without having to pay large interests as other Buy now, Pay later companies may do. 

Easier for customer to pay online 


The fact that customers can pay for the items they buy online very easily with a credit card, or even with cashew, makes it less of a hassle to go to the bank or ATM machine to get cash out before they head to stores to buy their items. Furthermore, they don't have to pay for their items right away when shopping online; rather the registration for cashew Buy now, Pay later service can be done at the checkout, and the number of installments can be chosen to enable customers to pay at later dates.


Fast delivery for online shopping without paying in full upfront!


Online stores with fast shipping and next-day delivery services are factors that draw people towards online shopping, together with the Buy now, Pay later option, as this is a win-win for both customers and business owners. Customers would be delighted to get their items right away without having to pay for them, as it makes the online shopping experience seamless!

cashew offers Buy now, Pay later service that allows you to pay for your shopping in 3, 6, or 12 installments. Explore the different payment options they have for customers to pay for their items while shopping online, to provide an enjoyable online shopping experience!