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Best Valentine’s day gift ideas


It’s that exciting time of the year again! We all have special people in our lives whom we love and appreciate. Gifts are one of the best ways to show how much they mean to you. If you have someone in your life that you would go all out for, Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity to shower love!

It doesn’t have to be your romantic partner; it could be anyone, your mum, your sister, or even your best friend! Treat them with gifts or sign them up for sessions and subscriptions they’ve always wanted to try!

Want to scream ‘I love you’ to her?  


Jewelry does its best! Every girl likes accessorizing their outfits with beautiful and dainty jewelry as it completes their look. Coming from you would be even more precious and exciting for your significant other, particularly when it's for a special day like Valentine’s day! We have awesome ideas on jewelry options! 

  • Brooches for that extra glam

Woo her with an intricate brooch from Yaz Jewels that gives out elegant and glam vibes. You never know, it may make for her best Valentine’s ever! The pieces are of high quality and would also go with a lot of outfits as they're not too loud.

  • Special Rings for her!

Are you ready to propose and can’t wait for her to say yes? Well, pick a ring from Memoire, go down on one knee, and sweep her off her feet! Let it be her most incredible valentine's surprise.

  • Necklaces

The necklaces at Zaia Jewellery are oh-so-pretty! Surely your partner would love wearing them as an ‘everyday piece’. Hop on to Zaia Jewellery and get a beautiful necklace as Valentine's day gift for her.

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Would home decor pieces make sweet Valentine’s day gifts?


Do you have a friend with a new home? Or perhaps your sister just moved into her own place? Best Valentine’s day gift ideas would be to shower them with beautiful pieces for their new place to make it feel homely. It would be awesome to be thought of every time they lay eyes on your gift. 

  • Authentic ceramics

The trends are all about hand-painted stuff and ceramics! For that authentic look, pick gorgeous trays, coasters and jars from Fyrouzi. Trust us; they’re like candy to the eyes! Don’t forget to add a gift card saying ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’.

  • Plant parents?

Who doesn't love plants? A lot of them can be left to do their thing without too much TLC! Plants make for gorgeous decor pieces and add life to a space, making it a splendid Valentine’s day gift! Check out Wooden Art for beautiful pieces.

  • Rugs

Something about those soft rugs makes a room look cozy and complete! It would be the perfect gift idea for a special friend to show your love on Valentine’s day. So go ahead and pick one from Abrash Carpets and get it delivered to their home! 


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Perfect Valentine’s day gifts for your fitness fan?


We all agree thinking of gifts for men is hard, right? Don’t scratch your head thinking about the perfect Valentine’s day gift for him because we did it for you! We’ve come up with some ideas to make this gift-giving easy! Show your man you’re attentive to his interests and how much it means to you that you would do anything to help him achieve them. 

  • Bike and bike gear

Is he itching to try out the newly built bike lanes all over the country, obviously with a bike? Why not step it up and buy him the bike he's had his eyes on as a valentines day special giftAirwerks Cycles has a huge selection you could pick from, not only bikes but comfy biking gear too!

  • Super meal plan subscription

A super cool valentines day surprise idea would be a subscription to a meal plan, from Fitlab, if he’s into weight loss or even just being healthy! It would also save him the search hassle for healthy recipes and cooking… or you for that matter! See a win-win for both of you?

  • Fitness membership

Did he stick to his New Year's resolution and renew his gym membership? No? Well, you can do it for him this Valentine's Day! Boom Gym is the biggest gym around and has amazing offers! He doesn’t need to know the price, as cashew is your savior! Download the shop now pay later app on Android or IOS, pick your payment plan and get him that gym membership.

Are you single? Pamper yourself this February!


Single ladies and men, pamper yourself to show love to your amazing self! Don’t wait for someone else to show you love. Gifting oneself is a very normal thing to do. 

  • At-home chill and spa

FIll up your bathtub, drop these wonderfully scented bath bombs, from Bomb, in it, and let it do its magic. Grab a candle and your iPad to place on the bathtub tray… relax and have the most magical self-care Valentine's evening of all time. 

  • The smartest smartwatches

Get yourself the smartwatch you’ve always wanted to have and treat yourself this Valentine’s Day because you deserve it! iStyle has the latest smartwatches you could pick from, so go ahead and splash out on yourself, without worrying about the cost!

  • Calling the Bookworms

If you're into reading, why not get some best-seller books as Valentine's day gifts for yourselfBooks Frame has a huge collection of books. Pick your favorite in multiple languages, chill with a nice drink in a coffee shop or in your lounge, and get cracking!


Now that you have an idea of the best plans for valentine’s day, get your gifts ahead of time! Getting gifts is so much easier and convenient nowadays, thanks to the amazing shop now pay later companies like cashew that you couldn't imagine shopping without!